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Disposable Tablecloths & Runners & Skirts

Vevor 117x183cm Table Cloth Pvc 1.5mm Thick Waterproof Oilproof Protector Cover (87)
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1.5mm Pvc Tablecloth Table Cover 107 X 213 Cm Clear Table Mat Transparent Good (87)
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Pvc Tablecloth Protector 107 X 203 Cm Dining Table Cover Desk Waterproof
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VEVOR Disposable Table Cloth To Fight Spills And Stains

You set up a dinner party, the finest china is glittering, the delicious smell of a meal fills the room, and the guests are about to come. You get excited, but then the looming cleanup ordeal comes in to dampen your excitement. But, fret not. VEVOR comes to the rescue with the plastic tablecloths to save your tables from spills. 

VEVOR disposable table covers are the perfect choice for an unforgettable dining experience at home and restaurant. The VEVOR collection of tabletops is made to turn the way you set your table upside-down.

Farewell to stains and welcome to stylish simplicity – upgrade your table. Let's get started!

Our Line Of Disposable Table Covers

It's very tough to make a selection out of various products. Plus, the market is flooded with a lot of disposable tablecloths. So, here are the few choices that are worth noting. 

Paper Disposable Tablecloths

Paper table covers are available in a wide array of vibrant colors and playful patterns, thus they are popular for birthday parties, picnics, and children's events. However, they are less durable compared to some others.

These table covers are relatively inexpensive, hence suitable for a variety of events. Plus, they are lightweight.

 Disposable Plastic Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths would be ideal for outdoor events like picnics and barbecues where spills are inevitable, so these tablecloths are great to keep tables from spills. They come in solid color or striped patterns and different shapes that make these covers versatile and easy to clean up, thus they are suitable for less formal meetings.

These plastic tablecloths are highly durable. Additionally, they have high resistance to moisture.

Fitted Disposable Tablecloths

They are tablecloths with elasticized corners that give a proper fit on the table. These are especially beneficial for outdoor functions where the wind can lift/move traditional tablecloths.

Fitted tablecloths have a very neat appearance and thus call for minimal adjustments.

Non-Woven Disposable Tablecloths

These tablecloths come in a soft cloth-like texture that attracts those looking for a classy feel but still an eco-friendly option. They are ideal for different events.

These tablecloths are eco-friendly. The materials that these tablecloths are made from are biodegradable and durable materials.

Printed Disposable Tablecloths

Printed disposable table cloths are the best if you are hosting a themed party or special occasion. These are available in different patterns, from festive holiday designs to vibrant tropical themes. They are also available in solid color. 

Being available in various designs, printed tablecloths give decorative appeal. And customisation on these table covers is a big plus.

Disposable Tablecloth Care

Disposable table covers are very handy and easy to maintain. Keep your disposable table cloths stored in a cool, dry place before the usage. Exposure to direct sunlight and moisture should be minimized. Ensure that the surface of your table is clean so that it can support the tablecloth without tearing or damaging it. Before setting up, make sure to smooth the tablecloth out. This helps remove wrinkles. 

Use coasters or trivets to protect your tablecloth from hot dishes or cups. When it comes to spills, do not let them lie. Clean them up with a clean cloth immediately. When the disposable tablecloth is not suitable to use anymore, gather the tablecloths and throw them away in the designated waste bins. If the disposable tablecloth is still intact, then it can be used for the art and craft projects.

How To Choose Perfect Disposable Table Cloth?

While shopping you make a selection of your product, but before that you weigh in a few factors to make the right selection. Here are a few pointers to light up your way for the purchase of a disposable table cloth. 


Take the measurement of your plastic table or wooden table so that the tablecloth can cover it with ease. Consider if you want it to hang to the floor or have a shorter drop.


Identify the kind of event/occasion. Some tablecloths work for a casual get-together, formal dinner, or even a themed party.


Find the best materials to suit your needs. There are disposable plastic tablecloths, paper tablecloths , or fabric tablecloths


Think about if you like the tablecloth to drag on the floor or to hang over the edges of the table with some overhang.


Think about the ease of cleaning or disposing of the tablecloth after the event. Because some spill-resistant materials differ from one to another.

Trending VEVOR Disposable Table Covers

VEVOR is brimming with high quality and top-rate products. So, if you have made up your mind to buy from VEVOR, here are in-demand disposable plastic tablecloths of various sizes and prices. 

100 x 45 Inch Plastic Table Cover

This transparent tablecloth is composed of high-quality PVC that doesn't emit plastic smell. This 2 mm thick PVC table protector offers additional protection for diverse tabletops thanks to its waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof, and skid-proof surface. The VEVOR table protector is larger than the normal size, accounting for probable shrinkage and deviation during use.

110 x 46 Inch Clear Table Cover

The SGS-certified clear PVC sheet is safe to use and offers great tenacity, stability, and heat resistance. It can directly contact food and has no odor. Due to its great heat resistance, it can withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. It is perfect for your kitchen countertop, coffee table, bedside cabinet, workplace computer desk, dining table etc.

96 x 46 Inch Plastic Table Cover

Our 0.08" thick PVC table protector offers greater protection for diverse tabletops thanks to its surface, which is waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof, and skid-proof. It's simple to clean. To maintain the surface clean, lightly wipe it with an absorbent paper towel or cloth. These plastic table covers emit no plastic smell.

84 x 42 Inch Clear Table Cover

This 1.5mm thick table cover prevents deterioration and safeguards your new furniture from becoming soiled. By preventing spillage, these table covers can increase the lifespan of your table. Additionally, it takes only a second to clean completely. As a result, it complements numerous desktops and pieces of furniture perfectly. This table cover is larger in size than standard size, keeping in mind the shrinkage.

Why Opt for VEVOR For Disposable Table Covers

VEVOR provides a great choice of top-quality disposable table cloths, elegant table skirting, and stylish table runners. They have your event and occasion needs covered for you. Additionally, VEVOR appreciates the significance of variety. The market is filled with an amazing variety of colors, designs, and materials of disposable tablecloths, table skirting, and table runners to suit any event theme. The icing on the cake is VEVOR's customer service and customers trust in VEVOR's products. The testament to this is five-star reviews given in response to the excellent service and top-rate products.

FAQs About Disposable Tablecloths

Q1: Can disposable tablecloths be ironed to remove wrinkles?

A1: Iron disposable table cloths are generally not advisable since they can melt or burn. Instead, try to smooth out wrinkles with gentle fingers.

Q2: Do you have any disposable tablecloths having adhesive to remain on the table?

A2: Some disposable table cloths have adhesive strips on the sides to keep them attached to the table.

Q3: Are there any scents or fragrances in disposable tablecloths?

A3: Almost all disposable table cloths do not have any fragrance. However, it would be advisable to check the product descriptions in case one is looking for scent-free alternatives.

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