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Lillian Hayes Lillian Hayes
A welders must have!
I love this chuck. I used it to mount to my Rollout wheel for pipe welding. Made my job easier instead of bolting up flanges.
Dennis Pokrywka Dennis Pokrywka
Good value for a 6" 3-Jaw chuck
Quality seems well made. Haven't use it yet but did machine my own adapter plate. Remember you have to either buy a plate or make your own. I bought mine to upgrade my Metal lathe from a 4" chuck to 6". I made a plate that adapts the spindle adapter from my 4" chuck to the 6" chuck. That way, I didn't have to worry about the threaded spindle hub. I'm not sure why it is advertised as a wood turning chuck. I guess it could be used on a wood lathe but this is a chuck for a metal lathe. I am a Journeyman Machinist so I know what I'm looking at. Some adapter plates are available on grizzl, I found
Je recommande
Envoi rapide et produit de bonne qualit
Todd Giberson Todd Giberson
Great product good quality
Great product but the wrong one from my Lathe so I had to return it wish I could_e kept it because it was an awesome product
Diane Gordon Diane Gordon
Recherche pi_es d_ach_s.
J'ai cette machine depuis 3 ans et j'en suis content, je fait de la gravure et de la d_oupe sur contreplaqu de 2 4 mm. fabrication de bo?tes, jetons et gravures.Est-ce que vous savez o trouver les accessoires not_ dans la description ?"Pi_es de rechange recommand_s / consommables: tube laser, lentille focale, lentille r_lexion"
Will Will
Chuck jaws and tool at a great price
The chuck Work perfectly on my lathe an exact match not just for milling machines can be used for lathes as well a mini lathe 7 x 12 and it performed to specifications the only drawback is it_ rated for 3 inches for the outer jaws the inner jaws are good for about an inch and a half the outer jaws give you the capacity to go up to 3 inches but I had a 3 inch Diameter round bar stock piece And it just didn_ grab it so anything less than 3 inches you_e good to go
V94 V94
I sam very please!
ScaryAnn ScaryAnn
Works as needed
I ordered this for my other half as he wanted it for our jumpring cutting business. He is so far pleased with the results. His first use was to mill a new arbor for his cutting system. His said he was glad that he did some research before ordering and found out he needed to order a backing plate adapter, so you might want to keep that in mind if you order it.
alex lopez alex lopez
I added this to my 1939 Craftsman Lathe. My original piece was out. This bolted Right on with the adapter piece and has been straight since I put it on. It works and fit great!
alloimonos i. alloimonos i.
very nice chuk
today i received the chuck and i am very happy for it very fast delivery and all the parts inside the boxthnak you seller will shop from you again

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