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48v Dc 750w Electric Brushless Motor W Controller Diy Bicycle Go-kart Reduction

Customer Reviews for 48v Dc 750w Electric Brushless Motor W Controller Diy Bicycle Go-kart Reduction

Customer Reviews

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Edith Martin Edith Martin
looks decent
I am pleased with the construction of the motor but the box did not come with any information on how to identify the wires on the controller. The seller did have the information available and responded promptly in under 12 hrs.
Alex E. Mussman Alex E. Mussman
Great little motor at a great price.
This is the first brushless motor I_e bought but have to say I_ pretty impressed with the build quality especially at this price point. I_e only needed to run it around 1200w max so far but it_ solid! Definitely a learning curve going from brushed to brushless.I_l come back to update if it burns out on me before I_e really put it through any paces.
ryanlognion ryanlognion
Great for Razor mx500
Good quality product. Powerful motor. A good upgrade for Razor mx500.
Nice Motor
I'm still working on the projects that I'm using these motors for so a 5 star review might be pending but 4 star for now because it's a nice motor and it works fine on the benchtop but haven't had the opertunity to run it on Go karts, scooters, mini bikes or bicycles yet. The only thing that I dont like is the long stiff cord coming off the bottom so I took the motor apart and mounted cord from the side. I still didn't like such a stiff cord so I did away with cord completely and mounted threaded studs and use flexable silicone wire and copper ring terminals instead. The motor still performs well on bechtop.
Phillip Nichols Phillip Nichols
Good product
Use on small scooter, works well.
Vicious cycle battery Vicious cycle battery
Awesome awesome awesome. Came take a ton of power. Handles 60a at 60v like a champ. Fast....Vicious cycle battery dot com
RaiseHellPraiseDale RaiseHellPraiseDale
Great motor kit!
Excellent motor with high torque!!! I used this motor to mod an old E100 razor scooter. I've topped out at 18mph (going down a hill) but I get about 15 to 16 on a flat road. When paired with a ryobi 40v 6.0ah battery I estimate I can get 6 miles of range with this on my scooter. Make sure to short electric lock.
dustin gyurina dustin gyurina
Plenty of power for most projects
I_ over 230lbs and the razor scooter with this motor gets me over 25mph easily. I_ using a VESC controller and still working out the tuning get more low end torque and fix throttle curve. I tried the 48v controller purchased with motor from same company and it was pulling wheelies so I believe the torque is there. It_ a perfect project motor and I would like to buy another one for another project soon.
Chloe Chloe
so great
Great product .
jaime aviles jaime aviles
Nice item
Nice seller, very good seller

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