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48v Dc 750w Electric Brushless Motor W Controller Diy Bicycle Go-kart Reduction

Customer Reviews for 48v Dc 750w Electric Brushless Motor W Controller Diy Bicycle Go-kart Reduction

Customer Reviews

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adam smith adam smith
Easy install
This item worked great on my bmx
thomas housenick thomas housenick
bike was its hard to stay on it!!
my Razor MX650s last motor was terrible and sooooo slow. then it blew. i end up buying this bc of the deal and all i can say is wow. i wasnt kidding when i meantioned it was hard to stay on it, the bike just goes and you better hold on tight bc she gets lose
Tanner English Tanner English
I recommend
This is a great motor. What_ even better is the customer service. I had an issue and they corrected it immediately.
Debora Debora
Funziona bene
Viste le poche recensioni ho esitato un po' prima di prenderlo, ma un prodotto di ottima qualit, assolutamente consigliato.
Roger Roger
DC 350W Elestric Motor
I use this motor to power a flat bed truck by adding a 35 teeth sprocket to the axel work perfect carry a 300 Lb. on blacktop surface and did well with 200 Lb. on ruff terrain only to find that the chain is slipping quite often.I will like to change the sprocket to a 10T 40 P, I try to remove the nut that holds the sprocket but couldn't get it out.Do any one know what size the shaft is for there is know way to get an accurate measure without taking it a partThanks, hope this help others who is anticipated buying.
Amy S Amy S
Definitely recommend!
This product was a tank of a motor. It had enough power to accelerate my 180 lb body with ease. I would definitely recommend for anyone trying to convert there bike and or scooter into an electronic version. It would be nice if a diagram was included but, it was a very good product.
Vivian Rogers Vivian Rogers
Robust motor
Solid motor for powering a DIY electric scooter.
Nikki Nikki
Labled in English!
Easy.Using for an electric gocart. Wires were labled in English. Made connecting so much easier. Instructions are in English.
Todd K. McPherson Todd K. McPherson
Torque and battery
Good torque and battery life. Fits well.
rick rick
Dynomite comes in small packages!
Theand i fan see motor. Is suprieingly powerful for its size..

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