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Milling Machine Worktable Cross Slide Table 4"x7.3"compound For Bench Drill Vise

Customer Reviews for Milling Machine Worktable Cross Slide Table 4"x7.3"compound For Bench Drill Vise

185 x 100 mm

Customer Reviews

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118 Review(s)
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Tezz Tezz
Out of the ones on it_ probably best value.
As everyone else has stated, tear it down,file off burrs and grease well,I have milled a bit of 1/4 plate with this and it holds up well, I have a pretty beefy ITC press with good size bearings so a good steady lateral force is no problem, if your planning to attach this to a smaller press to do any milling, be careful because the Jacobs chuck is is just a tapered fit and it will fall out while your operating it.?It is pretty true and sturdy.minimal tightening on gibs will reduce unwanted XY movement .Lot_ of backlash on allthread drives, if you_e prepared for it , it_ not a problemI would purchase again
Lucamagni Lucamagni
Da comprare
Usata ancora poco... sembra buona... con quel prezzo difficile trovare di meglio...Grazie
david david
Very happy
Really good table
Madd Dogg Madd Dogg
This milling table will with stand a bomb blast. Very well designed.
I like every thing about it. I mounted it to my drill press and it fit's and work's perfect.
Giuseppe Giuseppe
Tavola di fresatura discreta
La tavola a croce in questione arrivata in tempi record. Partita dalla Germania, con arrivo previsto per il 6 aprile 2020, arrivata oggi, 26 marzo 2020, nonostante gli intoppi causati dall'emergenza COVID-19. E' arrivata in un imballo di legno e il contenuto composto dalle manopole con annesse viti di fissaggio e due viti per ancoraggio del pezzo da lavorare sul piano. Avrebbero sicuramente potuto fornirne qualcuna in pi. Il piano si presenta bene, il prezzo di 99 euro ben proporzionato al prodotto. Ovviamente ci si deve aspettare un prodotto grossolano, da hobbista, che per risulta utile per molte lavorazioni che non richiedono precisioni centesimali.
Jens H?rtrich Jens H?rtrich
Fr?stisch in solider Ausf_rung
Ich habe auf dem Markt einen erschwinglichen Kreuzfr?stisch gesucht und mit diesem Modell hier erhalten.Positiv sind die Materialien und die Nachstellbarkeit der Keilleisten.Negativ zu bewerten ist hierbei, dass die Skalenringe sich nicht verstellen "nullen" lassen, sondern fest verbaut sind.Ansonsten macht man mit diesem Fr?stisch nichts verkehrt.
Len Werner Len Werner
Good value for money
Came early, well packed in wooden box, nothing busted. It should be treated like most things from China--immediately take it apart, clean all burrs and rough parts with emory cloth or file, re-assemble taking care to do all those things that are missed at the factory and you'll have a good table. Takes a bit of time but no money, which to me has become the standard for this type of tool--it's up to the customer to do the PDI. Nothing wrong with that at the price you get it for.
Bill C Bill C
Looks ok
For my small milling machine
Glenn Stevens Glenn Stevens
works great
very solid and precise almost no backlash
Randy Randy
Good slide table
Very nice better than I expected

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