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Milling Machine Worktable Cross Slide Table 4"x7.3"compound For Bench Drill Vise

Customer Reviews for Milling Machine Worktable Cross Slide Table 4"x7.3"compound For Bench Drill Vise

185 x 100 mm

Customer Reviews

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Giuseppe Giuseppe
Mophorn 450 x 170 mm Tavola di Fresatura
Articolo arrivato prima del tempo concordato, oggetto come descrizione, molto pesante, con le giuste regolazioni ottima per fresatura e o trapano colonna. Qualit prezzo ok.
Mr S Beattie Mr S Beattie
Value for money
Not top quality but good overall standard for the money. Everything fitted as it should but needed a bit of tinkering and adjustment. It works effectively and has a good degree of accuracy.
Frank Frank
Gutes Preis Leistungsverh?ltnis
Der Tisch ist nach ein wenig nacharbeit,justierung durchaus brauchbar eignet sich auch f_ CNC Umbau.
Vero Vero
Mesa cordenadas
Buen producto lo recomiendo 100% super todas mis expectativas no tiene olguras un poco pesada
Juan M Juan M
Great Deal
I was expecting a poorly made piece of iron but was pleasantly surprised with what arrived. The packaging was not adequate and could have caused something to bend or break but I got lucky.After a quick cleanup it was ready to use and other than the measurement markings functioned perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to drill more precise holes in metal or wood.
Mountain Man Mountain Man
solid and stable.
Solid. Stable. Did have to lap the ways in a bit. Others said they disassembled it. I didn't. I oiled it up, then used my drill and socket adapter to run it back and forth many times. Wipe the oil and metal crud off, oil it again. Adjust the slides taking out the slop and run the drill some more. The slide ways will self lap. Do enough to use it, then it will just keep getting smoother with time and use.
Robert Branco Robert Branco
Great Milling Table / Cross Slide Table
The table moves smoothly in both directions. A good cleaning or spray down with WD 40 type oil will loosen the heavy packing oil. Add a small vise and for less money you get a superior cross slide vise. Let the milling begin.
R. Chang R. Chang
Works fine, esp for this price. Requires some prep work after receiving.
If you want a simple work table to use, especially for your drill press, this is a great table to consider and purchase. I found it to be accurate enough for what I am going to do with it. Is this something to use a professional machine shop and for cranking out a ton of parts? No -- but that should be apparent by the price point.The table requires some prep work once it arrives. This is what I did:1) Unwrapped and sprayed it down with brake cleaner to get all the nasty oil/grease off2) Disassembled the entire unit and sprayed it down again3) Took a wire brush to all the channels and guide areas to remove excess paint4) Sanded down the top deck to make sure it was truly flat5) Filed down all the spacers in the channel guides to remove any burrs6) Took a dremel with a sanding drum and knocked down all the edges7) Reassembled and greased the guides
Derek McKay Derek McKay
Decent for the price
Will this compete with $1000 tables? No. Would I trust it to do very precise milling? No. But for the price you get something pretty decent that will benefit greatly from a tear down, cleaning and reassembly. My unit came with what appeared to be recycled grease - already blackened and full of metal grit. There was also too much play between the pairs of bearings on each spindle, and the bearings weren't greased. But after a thorough cleaning, greasing and proper tightening of parts (bearings and gibs) to remove excess play but still allow for smooth travel, I have a very usable x y table. I'll mostly be using it for drilling, not milling. And for that purpose, I think it will serve me just fine.
ibo89 ibo89
Exactement ce qu'il me fallait
Ni trop grande ni trop petite.Pour le prix, il faut savoir faire des concessions savoir:- Filetages mal _avur_- plan de glisse rabot_ mais non surfac_ lisses- si les coins veulent _re peints ils doivent s'approcher.Franchement, c'est du d_ail et je m'en accommode tr_ bien. J'ai tout d_ont, _avur, graiss.Le seul petit truc qui me g_e c'est qu'il mande un arr_ de fin de course sur la grande table. Si vous allez trop droite, la vis sans fin sort de son logement et la table pourrait tomber. ( une petite patte et deux petits trous de vis vont r_ler le d_ail).Je ne vais pas faire de l'horlogerie ou de la m_anique de pr_ision. Mais je vais me faciliter la vie pour ajuster mes per?ages pour 140 euros.Je vais m_e garder la caisse en bois pour ranger mes grandes m_hes.En gros totalement satisfait pour mon usage perso.Pour de la commande num_ique, non.

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