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Single Phase General AC Motor

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Unleash the Power of Single-Phase Electric Motors

Single-phase electric motors are essential in numerous industries and household appliances. For decades, motors and engines have played the same vital role in powering things like fans, refrigerators, and air compressors, to name a few. They're designed this way so that users get both reliability and efficiency.

This guide will cover different types of single-phase motors, key factors to consider when choosing one, their special functions, maintenance tips, and popular products available here at VEVOR. So, let's begin our journey into the world of single-phase electric motors.

Types of Single-Phase Electric Motors 

When it comes to a single-phase electric motor, there are many different types. With each type providing functions and characteristics unique to themselves. One crucial feature in single-phase motors is the auxiliary winding. Here is a brief overview of these single-phase AC motor types:

Shaded Pole Motor

These motors are known for their simplicity and reliability. Due to their low cost and easy maintenance, shaded pole motors are most commonly used in small appliances like fans or refrigerators. A rotating magnetic field is what they rely on to perform.

Capacitor Motor

Capacitor motors, in addition to main stator winding, also come with an auxiliary winding feature. They are used everywhere, including air conditioning units and pumps, unlike the shaded pole motor. The efficiency is just as good, with the starting torque higher than a shaded pole motor.

Split Phase Motor

You can find split phase motors anywhere in household appliances like washing machines or power tools. They have a split-phase winding to start the motor more easily.

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

Known for energy efficiency and reliability, permanent split capacitor motors are in HVAC systems, fans, and blowers.

Squirrel Cage Motor

Strong and durable is how I would describe the squirrel cage motor since they're capable of heavy-duty applications such as industrial machinery or compressors

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Single-Phase Motor

When selecting the right single-phase motor for your customized application, there are several key factors you should carefully consider. These points will help you choose the right motor to meet your needs:

Type of Motor

There are various types of single-phase motors available: permanent split capacitor motors, and split-phase motors. A few would be a capacitor run motor that utilizes capacitors in series with stator winding and a shaded pole motor, which uses a start winding mechanism to give a starting torque. Understanding your application's suitability is important because each type has advantages and limitations.


Determining the required horsepower is essential for matching the single-phase AC motor's power output with your equipment or machinery's demands. If the horsepower isn't enough, the motor will be under full load, and decreased efficiency can be expected. On the other hand, too much horsepower can be costly.

Voltage and Frequency

Single-phase motors typically operate on standard household voltage (120V or 240V) at a standard frequency (60Hz in the United States). Ensure that your location's available power supply is compatible with your motor for full load efficiency.

Motor Speed

The speed range might vary depending on your actions. It would help if you went as fast as possible or slow down depending on your needs. Choose the right RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) for exactly what you want. Some motors require a starting capacitor to begin their rotations.

Special Features and Maintenance Tips

A single-phase electric motor is very versatile. They can be used for many things, especially when variable speed control and reversible power are needed. Fans and conveyors are some of the best examples that fit the bill. So, to get as much life out of this device as possible, you must garden it with the right care.

First up is regular lubrication. The motor has many moving parts; over time, they will fatigue and wear down from friction. Regularly adding oil to these components will reduce the amount of wear it takes on, increasing its lifespan. After that, it's time to look at your surroundings. Do you know how it gets dusty when you're doing an activity or project? Well, just like your lungs don't appreciate breathing in that stuff, neither does this motor. So could you keep it clean? Dusting it off every so often will prevent dust build-up, which can lead to overheating.

Besides dust, other small pieces of debris want to call this place their home. Keeping them out is crucial because they, too, can cause overheating, which leads to less efficiency overall.

Safety is another issue here. Inspections should be done regularly for any signs of damage or loose connections. This doesn't have anything to do with performance but rather in preventing mishaps.

Best Single-Phase Induction Motors of VEVOR

At VEVOR, we offer a range of single-phase induction motors carefully designed to meet the requirements of different people. Here are some popular products:

2 HP Electric Motor with 230V Voltage

This 2 HP Electric Motor with 230V Voltage gives you a 2 HP rating and is appropriate for various applications, ensuring reliable power. It operates on a rotating magnetic field, ensuring smooth performance and it also includes capacitors in series to help start the motor.

3/4 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC

Built with durability in mind, this 3/4 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC is ideal for outdoor use and offers a 3/4 HP rating to be versatile.

1 HP Electric Motor with 56C 1-Phase TEFC

With a 1 HP rating and the ability to spin clockwise and counterclockwise, 1 HP Electric Motor with 56C 1-Phase TEFC is a highly flexible motor and is a top pick for various applications. Additionally, it has a start winding feature that ensures smooth operation but Its most valuable feature is its capacitor run design.

3/4 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC

Dependable performance in many applications can be expected from this 3/4 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC due to its starting capacitor and rotating magnetic field generation. 

2 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC

Your industrial and commercial needs will be met with this 2 HP Electric Motor with 1-Phase TEFC. It has a rating of 2 HP, and rightfully so because of its pole motor design that adds value to its overall performance. 

Why Choose VEVOR?

Choosing VEVOR means that you're deciding to take advantage of quality, variety, and affordability. We're proud of our selection of single-phase motors. There's an overwhelming amount of options for you to choose from in all sorts of styles and the best construction available at reasonable prices. Whether it's for a household appliance or some industrial application that'll be put through the wringer, we've got you covered. Pick one out and see why quality is something worth choosing.

FAQs about Single-Phase AC Motors

Q1: What's the difference between single-phase and three-phase motors?

A1: Very simple; a single-phase motor has one power phase, while a three-phase motor has three phases. Despite being outnumbered by their counterparts, between these two types of motor,  three-phase motors will always be more efficient and offer smoother operation.

Q2: Can I use a phase motor for industrial applications?

A2: A phase motor will work fine with any industrial application if it doesn't draw too much power.

Q3: How do I know what motor size I need?

A3: You can consider many factors, such as how much power you'll need, the speed you want it to go at, and how efficient it is. If you need more clarification, then talk to an expert.

Q4: Are there any maintenance tips that I should follow?

A4: Clean and lubricate moving parts frequently, check for loose connections and monitor the motor's temperature for the best performance and lifespan.

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