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10 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Unloading Repair 12v

Customer Reviews for 10 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Unloading Repair 12v

Customer Reviews

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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
J'esp_e que ca seras compatible
Bien re?us j'esp_e que elle vas _re compatible avec ma remorque j ai que 1 tuyaux sur mon verin
heather heather
Great pump you will need British pipe threaded fittings.
Great Replacement.I did have to add hydraulic hose and purchase the British pipe 90 digging to pump
Alexander Rivero Alexander Rivero
Excellent product, bought several from them and they are always in great condition. The service and delivery fast and as promised. I'll recommend them to anyone of my friends.
Jordan s Jordan s
Needs a battery really close.
Worked great once I realized 12v doesnt carry well very far. I ran really nice heaven gauge stranded wire directly from battery to this unit but didnt work. Added a better ground still no good. I put q battery next to the this unit and it works perfectly. Used the wires from the battery to be an alternator recharge wires to the battery that powers it.
Mello out Mello out
Works great
This was easy to install. It works great!
Robert Robert
Hydraulic pump by Mophorn
This product worked perfect for the application it was purchased for. Plan on buying a second unit for the same application.Robert Rainwater
John Noel John Noel
Hydraulic pump
This hydraulic pump work perfectly as described and received on time
Hartmut Scheuerle Hartmut Scheuerle
6L Hydraulikpumpe
Sehr gute Hydraulikpumpe f_ meinen Kipperanh?nger. Habe die Handbetriebene Pumpe abgebaut und auf die elektrische pumpe umgebaut,war sehr einfach und funktionierte sofort. Auch bei Ersatzteilen hat die Firma schnell reagiert und geliefert.
J?rg Walters J?rg Walters
Passt an die mechanische Hydraulikleitung
Spitzen Preis, Leistung. Anh?nger Kipp Vorrichtung.
Jess H. Jess H.
Simple install, works great!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Arrived packaged well with no shipping damage. Simple install. Battery positive connects to the large solenoid post (see photo, red cable), battery negative connects to the large post on the backend of the motor (see photo, black cable). The fitting adapter that came with replaces the installed fitting, it fits into the pump outlet and accepts a -6 JIC Female swivel. The pressure relief valve on this one ( the pressure setting screw is the lower one) was fully out and required loosening the lock nut and a metric Allen wrench to turn it in, I needed to turn it completely in to the stop to achieve full pressure and then tightened the lock nut and reinstalled the cap nut for the adjustment screw. The upper screw is for setting the flow allowed when the lowering solenoid is active (this is used to adjust how fast the hydraulic fluid is allowed to return to the reservoir and requires the same metric Allen wrench, turning it in slows the flow). The switch pendant work fine, I will be installing a weather proof connector ito the side of the box to allow easier access with the box closed and locked. So far I have loaded the dump bed with 5 large loads in excess of 8000 lbs and the pump unit had me issues supplying enough flow and pressure to lift it quickly and smoothly. My system has a 3.25 inch cylinder (see the video). At max pressure had no leaks or seepage at the pump unit. I did add a fitting to the tank to accept a 3/8 inch rubber line from the dead end of the cylinder but a simple breather/filter would also work just fine.

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