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VEVOR 6L Tank Water Chiller CW-5200 Thermolysis Industrial Water Chiller Water Cooling Chiller for 130 150W CO2 Glass Laser Tube Cooler

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 6L Tank Water Chiller CW-5200 Thermolysis Industrial Water Chiller Water Cooling Chiller for 130 150W CO2 Glass Laser Tube Cooler


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Maximilian Maximilian
Alles super
Läuft einwandfrei , Lieferung super schnell. Würde ich sofort wieder kaufen. Mehr gibt es dazu auch nicht zu sagen.
Cristian C Cristian C
Good for environment with temperature under 20°
I’ve got this chiller VEVOR 8.5L Tank Water Chiller CW-5200DG for over a year now and it’s good until the temperature reaches 20°C + and then the chiller doesn’t drop below 14°C and it runs without to stop. I’m using it with a K40 laser cutter and if you want to cut something on high power it won’t keep up with the laser. When the temperature is below 20°C it runs smoothly and I didn't have any issues with it. Quality wise it’s ok for this price.
Annika Annika
Bra, men kyler inte under rumstemperatur
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Good, affordable chiller
Pumped chiller units are supplied by a small number of lab equipment manufacturers in Europe/USA. An item with a similar specification to this can be purchased for more than £5k and cheap options don't really exist outside the 2nd hand market (well in my student we once put a pipe coil inside an old freezer and pumped water through that, so there were some limited options). To my mind that price is much higher than the components required can justify but there were few other options. However, the arrival of items like this chiller make effective cooling affordable.The chiller came with a euro power lead and a fuse less adapter for a UK socket (I doubt that can legally be used in the UK) but it was easy to find a suitable replacement. It was shipped with some water still in the tank and had leaked a little, so the product was wet within the plastic wrap. After drying it off the product was none the worse for wear and functioned normally. It is simply but well constructed and functions very well, quickly dropping to a 4degreeC setpoint in our first test.You can't disable the pump so when switching on make sure a pipe is linking the input and output or drop the output pipe into the tank filler otherwise you'll have a fountain.It remains to be seen how reliable this chiller is but so far I am very pleased with it.
philip_mac philip_mac
Does the job, would buy again from the same seller.
We bought this to act as a cooler for a heated vacuum pump and it's doing that job well; the water temp is staying constant at ~34c as opposed to >100c or low enough we start getting condensation.Not quite what it's designed for, but it's doing it, and its cheap enough to replace as needed.We had some issues getting it delivered (delivery company held onto it due to import taxes for goods from the EU, but didn't tell us, hooray Brexit), but this was rectified quickly with contact to the seller, who even paid the taxes!
yenilmez yenilmez
This is NOT a chiller with a compressor, just water tank and a pump
Update: Seller was really helpful arranging replacement. Still, the device itself not suitable to run in hot weather. I have 40w laser, it can't keep the water cool when it's 30+ degrees outside.-----------I've run it for an hour looping back to itself, the water temperature increased!
C Harris C Harris
Good value
The unit is coupled to a laser cutter am at this time seems to keep the temperature of the water down.
Bo Bo
A good quality cooler at a great price.
I bought this to use on an 80w laser tube conversion. The unit is very well made and the earth pin has continuity with the body of the unit which is not always the case with imported items. I filled mine with distilled water to prevent any limescale build up, you can see the level on the sight glass on the front. It has an audible flow alarm as well as cut out connections via a supplied plug on the rear. I connected these in to the flow cut off in my laser controller and it works faultlessly. The wiring diagram could be a little clearer but if you meter the connections out there are options for normally open and normally closed. All in I'm very happy with the quality, price and delivery on this unit. My unit was despatched from Germany but I was able to track it all the way.
Techy Dave Techy Dave
Well built, works well.
Solidly built, this cooler has been used with a laser machine and has performed very well. Good clear alarm, audible and visual. Recommended for use with laser machines.
daniel daniel
It doesn't come with tubes, which was fine as I bought 2m length pieces. Massive reduction in temperature on my liquid cooled spindle (cnc). On the first run i ran it 24k rpms over 8 hrs and only reading a temperature of 29.8.Great addition to the set up

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